Digital X-rays

imageWe have replaced traditional x-rays with the latest in technology!

Two of the things you'll first notice are:

  1. The x-ray image appears on the computer screen INSTANTLY.
  2. The image is large and very easy to see and understand.

Other benefits to this new technology:

Less Radiation
Digital X-ray provide an 80% reduction in radiation since the exposure time is reduced dramatically.

Magnified Images
Digital X-rays are easily displayed at larger sizes. We are even able to magnify the image to show you close up any areas of concern.

Earth Friendly
Digital X-rays are electronic so they save us from needing to use harsh chemicals which are no longer disposed of in the sink.

Insurance Processing
Electronic submission of insurance claims is much faster.

With digital x-rays, a sensor replaces the film normally used for traditional x-rays. The sensor plugs into the USB port on an ordinary computer and are solid-state electronic devices called "charged-coupled devices" (CCD). CCD's used in our dental imaging is essentially the same as the CCD's used in digital cameras.

X-rays are an important part of your dental visit, because they help us diagnose problems we can't see on the surface. Digital X-rays are just one way we are working to make your visits better.

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