Why We're Different

We are different from the routine dental office. We pride ourselves in the personal attention provided to each person that we are fortunate to have within our practice. People have become tired of being simply a number at large multi-doctor and discount dental dental offices. The one statement that we strive to constantly attain is "We treat people exactly as we would like to be treated ourselves".  This begins with the first phone call where we take the time to gather information which will facilitate a smooth integration into our practice. Dr. Hafernik spends considerable one-on-one time at the first appointment so as to get to know you personally, determine your current dental health and then with your imput create a plan of action. Patchwork dentistry in the long run does nothing but create more expense and lost time. This is exactly why careful evaluation of all your oral conditions are evaluated so as to create long-term dental solutions. Our hygienists are allowed the time to perform their tasks, taking bloodpressures, oral cancer screenings, periodontal evaluations and more.

We believe in continuing education and enjoy the exciting opportunities new techniques, materials and equipment provide for improving care. Ten years after Dr. Hafernik completed his doctor of dental surgery in 1978, he enrolled in the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education program in San Fransisco, California. At the Foundation, he honed his skills, greatly increased his dental education and for over a decade assisted in instructing new participants to the program. Since that time he has continued to attend and participate in many diverse areas of continuing education. Dr. Hafernik was also the founding member of the Central Texas Occlusal Studies Study Club.

New technology is another very important part of who we are. One example is digital x-rays which are important in that they offer the lowest possible exposure to radiation. We use computer terminals in each treatment operatory, which allows real-time viewing of x-rays and treatment records. We offer other forms of state-of-the-art technology to enhance our patients’ interaction with our practice. For example, we confirm appointments via email and text messaging which saves your valuable time.

Dental care has evolved into a multi-disciplinary approach to provide the utmost in care. We have invested considerable time in developing a network of care providers to coordinate all required care. This includes, but is not limited to, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontal care, oral surgeons and physicians. The team approach offers our patients and less confusion and better coordination.

The greatest asset we have is our staff. Patients have many times complimented the team that works here. All of the staff are professional, experienced and make it a personal goal to give you the very best experience you can receive. They regularly attend continuing education classes as well.

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