Mandibular Fractures (Broken Jaw)

When the lower jaw (mandible) is fractured, there are several different classifications of fractures.

  • Open - broken bone is exposed.

  • Closed - broken bone is covered by tissues.

  • Complete - entirely in two pieces.

  • Incomplete - not separated entirely.

  • Comminuted - broken into several pieces.

Treatment for Fractures

  1. Reduction of the fracture - getting the broken pieces realigned.

  2. Fixation - stabilizing the broken bone so that correct healing may occur. This can come in several different forms based on the type and severity of the break. Quite often the upper and lower jaws are wired together so that the unbroken upper jaw can be used to position and then stabilize the lower. When necessary, wires and screws are required to hold the broken bones together. There are other less used fixation techniques used when required by the severity of the fracture.

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