Implant Supported Dentures

Typically the lower denture is the most problematic. For individuals who have had the teeth removed for years, the bone slowly has diminished and with this change, the denture is more difficult to wear. Sore spots and difficulty chewing are usually the result of a mobile (bouncing) denture.

Upper dentures can be difficult to wear too! Gagging, looseness and chronic sore spots are all reasons to consider implants in the upper arch. The upper although less problematic, can be retained much more securely via implants. This adds great confidence with the individual that there will be no "embarrassing" moments and often the palatal (part covering the roof of the mouth) area of the denture can be entirely removed. This adds to a more comfortable adaptation to the denture.

Simply stated, dental implants provide a stable foundation for patients to regain nearly 90% of their chewing ability. Never having to experience a limited diet or the embarrassment of and ill-fitting denture.

Implant Supported REMOVABLE Dentures

Standard implants

Dental implants are placed and covered over. They then heal and integrate with the jaw. After healing, a top/extension is screwed onto the implant that most often has a snap head or ball. The dentures have a matching piece that engages with the implant snap. There can be as few as 2 or as many as 6 (4 being the typical) implants placed. The more placed, the greater the stability.


Lower implants with snap heads placed




Mini implants

Over the past decade, these type of implants have grown increasingly popular. Term "mini" refers to the diameter of the actual implant root form being placed into the bone. Any implant diameter less than 3 millimeters is considered a "mini".

The differences between the traditional approach (above) and these are -

    • The implants come in one piece with the ball in place. 
    • There is no healing time.
    • The snaps in the dentures are placed immediately. (NOTE - Upper denture placement can vary slightly on this)
    • Less expensive !!
mini implant

Implant Supported FIXED Dentures

The term "fixed" refers to the fact that these cannot be removed by the patient. Removal is accomplished by loosening the screws and is only needed occasionally for maintenance and sometimes for more thorough cleanings. These tooth replacements are as solid as the original teeth. The chewing power of this denture is much greater than a conventional/removalble denture.

Standard implants are placed. The upper usually requires six to eight, the lower four to five plus.


Implants with Healing Abutments Before Fixed Denture

Fixed Denture screwed in position with access holes filled

Patients who have dental implants are thrilled by the improvement in every aspect of wearing a denture!

  • Better ability to chew - Eat what you want!
  • Improved appearance - Restore a youthful, vigorous appearance!
  • Be more confident - Don't be afraid to smile!
  • More healthy diet - Eat what you should!
  • Be happy - Feel better about yourself!

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