Implant Placement Technique

The implant itself is made from titanium. Titanium has a very high affinity to bone. After a careful medical and dental history is taken and evaluated. Proper models, x-rays and other diagnostic tools are reviewed and the decision to use an implant has been made - the actual placement occurs. At the time of the implant placement (an office procedure) easily and carefully, an opening is made in the bone that corresponds exactly to the length and diameter of the implant body. The implant is seated, the tissue repositioned and sutured into place. Most people who undergo this surgery say that the discomfort is minimal post operative.


Now the implant actually "osseous integrates" (biologically fuses) to the bone. This process of integration takes usually from 4 to 6 months. During this time, the implant remains covered over and no forces are placed on it. Dentures may be worn during this healing time. After the integration has been allowed to occur, in a very simple procedure, an extension is placed onto the implant so that an impression can be made.

(through gums)

 Tooth Replacement

From the precise impression and lab procedures, the crown (cap) is created. Finally the finished crown is cemented or screwed into place on the implant.


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